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    Finding Your Power In Friendships

    Let’s talk about friendship. What exactly constitutes friendship and what does it entail? It’s a topic that I’m learning more about every day and I’m realizing that I’ve taken my friends for granted so much in my life and I’ve often looked at my friends as people I can rely on to help me to […]

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    This is the REAL reason you have trust issues

    Trust, faith, belief, expectation are all different words for the same concept. Some basic things we find easy to trust in: The sun will come up tomorrow The air we breathe will help keep us alive Monday never fails to roll around right after the weekend. These things we trust in. They’re easy to trust […]

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    Fight procrastination with these 5 simple productivity tricks

    Getting stuff done. Sounds simple, right? Yeah, not quite. Not if you’re one of the millions of habitual procrastinators out there, like me. My own procrastination started in school, where I learned to frantically scribble some sorry-excuse for homework into my workbook as the teacher made her way around the classroom. Unsurprisingly, I was never […]